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Letter from CEO of Neople

May 30, 2014 - 7:26 AM - by Altair
[Letter from CEO]
Dear DFO players,

Hello, this is In Lee, the CEO of Neople. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to write to you.
My work is to develop games but at the same time I’m a game player, just like you. So the player-side and the developer-side coexist within me.

Throughout this Alpha phase, many of you have been showing support for us so I wish to sincerely thank you all. And I see many of you are wondering about our future plans, so I would like to share a few words.
As our team mentioned here before, through this Alpha test we tried to assess the viability of the service, and we did not have any updates or proper customer service. Our main goal was just to see how many players would come to play our game.

The result was not favorable in our standard, but seeing the comments many of you left on our postings and our team’s will to give DFO another try, we have finally decided to bring the game back once again. The details will be posted separately.

I'd also like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • We have already failed once before. So it is difficult for us to say our game and service is the greatest. But we will make sure to do our absolute best when we run the service.

  • We may not satisfy everyone, and we will run into problems. But we promise to try our best to fix things.

  • Neople is a development company, and we have no experience, other than in Korea, in servicing the game on our own. So our level of support when it comes to customer service may not meet your standards. We have to learn as we go along, and we may cause some inconvenience in doing so. We can promise to learn fast and do our best, and we would appreciate your understanding in this.

  • We will make changes to some aspects of the game so hackers and gold-farmers don’t come into our game. Our game designers and I are considering many different possibilities, and whatever the outcome might be we will make gold-farming pointless in our game.

  • This is our plea to you. Please do not hack or abuse the game. It is our responsibility to create enjoyable games, and it is your responsibility to enjoy them. If we focus all of our energy to blocking hacker and abusers, we won’t have enough time to create other exciting new contents or events. We won’t have to time to listen to the majority of players who have been purely enjoying the game. We earnestly ask you not to abuse the game – please enjoy them in the way they were meant to be.

  • The postings on our Facebook Page is directly written by the developers here. Of course they are very busy, but they take their time to read your comments and communicate with you. We will continue this, and try to do it more often. But please understand that we cannot answer every question or request made about the game.

We don’t have any experience running a service like this, and we are still a bit confused on what we have to do from now on. However we will give it a go. It may take time – very long time indeed. Nonetheless please stay with us, tell your friends, spread the news, and please be here when we finally come back.

Your cheers and support give us the power to move forward.
We promise to do our very best.

Thank you,
In Lee
CEO, Neople Inc.

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It’s going to be a long announcement so please read carefully

1. Alpha and Beyond

* The current Alpha Test will end on June 13th Friday 6PM KST
* And the answer is YES. We will bring DFO back.

2. What Stays and What Goes?

* Your Character Name/Class, and your Level will STAY
* EVERYTHING ELSE (including but not limited to gold, items/weapons you have on you and in your vault etc.) will be GONE/ERASED.

* Since it is an Alpha, we cannot leave the items/gold etc. but the least we could do was to leave your character name/level. Also when you come back later, we will make sure to prepare you with necessary items so you can enjoy the game without any hassle.

* We will be providing other means of login for those of you not wishing to use your Facebook account for DFO, However, please note if you want to continue on with your Alpha character when the game is back, you must use the same Facebook account to login.

* To reward you for participating in Alpha we will definitely prepare something for you.

3. Future Plans

* As all of you know (yes, we know too) the Alpha version is so old it almost feels ancient. So naturally it will take us quite a long time to prepare a fresher version, and of course fix all these messy problems everyone has been telling us about.

* What we would like you to understand is that we will not be able to bring the game back within a few weeks; it may take longer than many of you expect, but we will make sure to communicate with you through this page and let you know where we are in terms of preparing the official launch.

Thank you so much for everyone’s patience, and we are so happy to have been blessed with such amazing players

It’s a beginning of something really exciting for us, and we hope you guys are excited as well!
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[DFOSource] Important DFOSource Announcements

May 23, 2014 - 6:00 PM - by Dom
Wait, what? DFO & DFO Source is back?

It seems like it could be. Neople seem to have taken matters into their own hands and are probing the market for a re-launch with the current Alpha test.

So, what about DFO Source, are we back online?

Short answer: yes. My decision to take down the old boards was a tough one. At the time, we had Malware installed on the site through an outdated VBulletin install, the community was slowly starting to deteriorate and no way to pay the server bills as we lost our advertising partners through malicious efforts by unknown community member(s). Regardless of whether DFO as a game does or does not return, DFO Source will remain online.

The process to restore these forums has taken roughly 5 days so bear with me as I sort out some bugs/style errors. As we’ve been offline for nearly a year (or has it been longer?), I had to painstakingly upgrade VBulletin from 3.8 to 4.2 that meant the removal of all modifications and the rebuilding of all style elements. Please report any functionality issues or visual errors through the Feedback & Suggestions forum.

I realize there will be a lot of questions around the future of DFO Source, but for now please allow me some time to get everything sorted. Posting is enabled and the boards are online but that may change over the next few days, depending on how things play out.

For now though, welcome back.
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